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If you wish to join the Screenwest Crew Database, please send us a message requesting a Screenwest Crew Database Form. You must have at least three screen credits in order to be included.

Before sending your form back to us please note the following guidelines. We would advise that you represent yourself in a way which will optimise your employability as a freelance crew member but which also meets the following guidelines:

Please only have ONE primary role. (Editor/director or 2nd/3rd AD for example is not one role, but two).
Secondary roles will not be listed on the website so you must decide in which department you wish to be represented.
Your title must match your screen credit(s) exactly.
Short film credits must correspond with short films that have been screened in the official selection of a film festival.

If all or most of your credits are gained from short films then we recommend that you amend your role to a trainee level for the purpose of being included in the database which will be a resource for television and feature film production companies.

Please fill in all details carefully, correctly and give all necessary details:

E.g. please list a feature documentary for TV as such, not just “doc“.
E.g. “Post-Production” does not qualify as a role, you must specify the exact credit.
E.g. Deliberate omissions (such as Editor instead of Assistant Editor) will not be accepted.


Disclaimer: Receipt of your crew database form does not guarantee your inclusion into the database. Please ensure all details are correct and meet the above requirements otherwise it will not be included and no correspondence will be entered into. Please note this is a free listing.

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